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High-Purity Alkyl metal chemicals for Advanced Semiconductor and Optoelectronic Applications

Alkyl metal chemicals are specifically designed to be used as precursors for high-k, ALD, and CVD materials.These compounds have a purity level of up to 5N and are widely utilized in the semiconductor and optoelectronic industries for the manufacturing of components such as capacitors, LEDs, detectors, photovoltaics, and batteries.


One of our key products is Trimethylaluminum (CAS: 75-24-1), which finds extensive applications in the semiconductor manufacturing process. It can be used for depositing aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride layers, serving as a dielectric material for DRAM capacitors and high-k gate dielectrics. Additionally, it is employed in OLED thin film encapsulation for water vapor and gas diffusion barrier coatings, as well as in silicon surface passivation for solar cells.


Another essential chemical is Trimethylindium (CAS: 3385-78-2), which serves as a primary metal organic source for indium-containing semiconductor products, metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy materials, and indium catalysts. It is widely used in the production of LED chips and concentrated photovoltaic cells.


We also offer Triethylindium (CAS: 923-34-2), which acts as an indium source for metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and metal organic molecular beam epitaxy. It is extensively utilized in the electronic industry for manufacturing core components such as infrared detectors, microwave oscillators, and semiconductor laser diodes.


Trimethylgallium (CAS: 1445-79-0) is another crucial chemical in our portfolio. It is employed in the production of concentrated photovoltaic cells and serves as a gallium source for manufacturing LED, GaAs, AsGaAl, and other electronic components and semiconductor compounds. It is an essential raw material for the production of LEDs and other high-tech optoelectronic materials.


Lastly, Triethylgallium (CAS: 1115-99-7) finds significant applications in the electronic information industry. It is used in chemical vapor deposition and chemical beam epitaxy to produce optoelectronic materials such as InGaAs, InGaP, and InGaAsN. It is also utilized in the manufacturing of products like light-emitting diodes, laser diodes, sensors, and concentrated photovoltaic cells.


We invite you to explore the possibilities our high purity alkyl metal compounds offer for your advanced material applications. Please feel free to reach out to us for further information.

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