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Introducing our High-Quality Fluorobenzoic Acids - UCHEM

3-Fluorobenzoic acid cas:455-38-9 is an organic compound with the formula C7H5FO2,which shows as white crystal powder packaged in 20Kg/drum. It is the meta form of fluorobenzoic acid. Its conjugate base is 3-fluorobenzoate.It is widely used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and materials science.
What makes 3-Fluorobenzoic Acid special?
- Meta Form: Unlike its ortho and para counterparts, this compound offers unique properties and reactivity due to its distinct molecular structure.
- Enhanced Stability: 3-Fluorobenzoic Acid exhibits excellent stability, making it ideal for various applications in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.
- Versatile Applications: From drug synthesis to materials science, this compound finds its use in a wide range of research areas, contributing to advancements in multiple fields.
Key Features:
Synthesis Catalyst: 3-Fluorobenzoic Acid acts as a catalyst in organic reactions, facilitating the formation of complex molecules with high efficiency.
Building Block: Its unique structure makes it an essential building block for the synthesis of various pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and functional materials.
Solvent Compatibility: This compound exhibits excellent solubility in a variety of organic solvents, enabling easy integration into different experimental setups.
UCHEM provides you with its precursor 3-fluorobenzaldehyde CAS:456-48-4 and series of analogues as the following,
2-Fluorobenzaldehyde CAS:446-52-6 and their corresponding benzyl alcohols, acid chlorides are also available in commercial sizes.
Visit our to learn more about 3-Fluorobenzoic Acid and explore its applications in detail. 

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