By Lucas Zhang | 13 March 2023 | 0 Comments

UCHEM-Decaborane CAS 17702-41-9 supply

Decaborane,also called decaborane(14) CAS:17702-41-9, is the borane with the chemical formula B10H14. This white crystalline compound is one of the principal boron hydride clusters, both as a reference structure and as a precursor to other boron hydrides.
Decaborane CAS:17702-41-9 has been supplied in kilograms, which is key intermediate to make carboranes.
The discovery of polyhedral boron hydrides, including carboranes, was one of the most significant discoveries of 20th-century chemistry. Since then, many different derivatives of carboranes have been obtained and they remain the focus of intense research. The unusual physical and chemical properties of polyhedral boron compounds find a wide range of real and potential applications ranging from medicine to supramolecular chemistry, catalysis, and the design of new materials.
The following carboranes have been made from decaborane and supplied in kilograms.

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